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July 23, 2024
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About Gastric Varices Treatment

woman need gastric varices treatment

Gastric varices are a serious disease that causes problems in the stomach. Stomach ulcer usually occurs in people over 50 years of age and has the highest prevalence in women. Although many factors can lead to the development of stomach ulcers, this condition is usually associated with poor blood circulation in the stomach and overproduction of digestive fluids. Helicobacter pylori infection is also the main cause of stomach ulcers. These bacteria weaken the stomach walls, causing gastric acids to cause inflammation and ulceration of the gastric mucosa. In addition, Helicobacter pylori bacteria cause overproduction of digestive fluids that allow the development of ulceration.

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Gastric varices usually appear on the back of the stomach near the pyloric opening. In the early stage of the disease, the ulcer is a circular lesion with a diameter of 1 to 2 cm. In the absence of proper treatment, the ulcer may worsen and cause a large hole in the stomach wall. This complication is called perforated ulcer and is considered an emergency medicine. In addition to internal bleeding, the perforated ulcer presents thousands of deaths in the United States each year.

Advances of gastric varices treatment should not be unambiguous. In some cases, the ulcer may proceed slowly, causing mild, almost imperceptible symptoms, and the ulcer may progress quickly, causing severe pain and constant burns of the abdomen. When gastric varicose veins develop in a latent manner, doctors often have difficulty in tracking and diagnosing the disease. Often, stomach ulcers occur long before they become severe and people are at risk for many life-threatening complications.

Abdominal pain is the most common symptom of gastric varices.man with stomach pain needs gastric varices treatment
The pain is usually continuous and tends to increase after eating and at night. Some feel pain, so clear that they can not tolerate clothes. Constipation, nausea, and vomiting are also common symptoms of stomach ulcers. Blood spitting is a clear sign of complications.

Although it is not always possible to gastric varices treatment, the treatment may prevent them from progression and relieve their symptoms. With proper nutrition, available drugs can minimize the risk of complications.

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