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June 17, 2021
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Acupuncture Gone Wrong

Acupuncture Gone Wrong

What’s Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy to heal our physical and mental energy flow. This therapy involves pressing certain pressure points in our body. The process involves needles that pricks the energy points and make a balance of energy in our body.

Can Acupuncture prove fatal? Acupuncture Gone Wrong due to needles

There are many instances of ‘acupuncture gone wrong’. In reality the therapy or the process is not the reason, but the amateur hands are the main reasons behind it. Needles of .15 and .24 mm width are used in this therapy. It’s a subtle process. The pressure points in our body are difficult to find. Only an expert who has practiced it for years, can find those pressure points.

The organs like heart, kidney, lungs, eyes, throat, liver are really sensitive. If any needle is wrongly inserted, it could prove fatal. The nerves may not work properly. Internal bleeding from these organs may not stop. Even, your heart and lungs may get severely damaged. Other medical conditions include:

  • Pneumothorax – It is a medical condition wherein there is a leaking of air into the lungs. Wrong Acupuncture often leads to this condition. When needles are wrongly inserted, they may damage the lungs. This condition may prove fatal if not treated sooner.
  • Hemorrhage – In this case internal bleeding happens. The needles in inefficient hands can damage the arteries and hemorrhage can occur.
  • Infection – A previously used needle can cause infection. Different people carry different diseases and if the practitioner uses the same needle an infection may cause.

How to avoid ‘Acupuncture gone wrong’ like situations

1. If you feel any pain during the Acupuncture process, you should immediately stop the process.

2. Always go to a practitioner with a degree on this Acupuncture therapy.

3. If you feel uneasy, after the Acupuncture therapy, you should visit an expert doctor. Acupuncture is a good old process , but only at the hands of an experienced and trained practitioner.

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