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June 17, 2021
Dental Health

Bone graft rejection symptoms

bone graft rejection symptoms after surgery

When every detail of the dental bone graft procedure is done perfectly, it can have one of the best outcomes and make one’s jawbone stronger. Sometimes, though, failure after surgery may occur and this is due to several reasons.

Following the complex state of the procedure, the body may react differently after bone graft leading to bone graft rejection. It’s therefore important to consider both the success and failure of any bone graft being done as either of the cases can be a possibility before any implant is done. The failure or bone graft rejection can both be external and internal hence requires great attention when the procedure is done. How careful the dentist is and the level of ability during bone graft can be a reason that may lead to such rejection. The failure can be experienced immediately after the surgery or might take some time before the rejection symptoms appear. Apart from the pain that you may experience, there are other rejection symptoms that will show a clear sign and the extent of the damage. Irrespective of the cause of bone graft rejection, the symptoms are likely to be the same across and require proper care to help control.

Symptoms of bone grafting rejection include:

Bone graft rejection symptoms include gum swelling

-Discomfort and excess pain. The body may react differently to the bone graft making it impossible to cooperate with other elements involved.
-Excessive swelling of the gums. Following the delicate status of the gums, bone graft rejection can lead to swelling and gum inflammation.
-Inability to bite and chew. The condition after the bone graft rejection may make it impossible to bite and chew perfectly.
-Loose implant. Once the bone graft rejection is experienced, the healing process will automatically delay and the implant will loosen over time if the dentist doesn’t take care of it.

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