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November 27, 2021
Dental Health

Can Bad Teeth Cause High Blood Pressure? Revealing Their Connection

Can bad teeth cause high blood pressure? A man was shocked after hearing the answer.

Can bad teeth cause high blood pressure? How is this possible? Can we determine the connection between bad teeth and blood pressure? Fortunately, yes! This article will allow us to find out the relationship between bad teeth and increased blood pressure. I bet you haven’t thought of it that way. But now, this article is an eye-opener. Meanwhile, you can also check out MyDentistWestRyde.com.au and discover why it’s best to choose them.

Do you remember an instance wherein you had a sudden increase in your blood pressure? Relative to that, do you have bad teeth during that time? If the answer is yes, this article is just right for you. But then again, it would be best to read this article as well, even if your answer is no. Why? Because you can learn a lot from this article.


Can Bad Teeth Cause High Blood Pressure?

A man holding a salt to relieve tooth pain but experiences high blood pressure at the same time.Where can a sudden increase in blood pressure come from? What can trigger it? Through this article, let us discover surprising information about this. Furthermore, we’ll determine if bad teeth can cause high blood pressure.

Generally speaking, we all know that oral health can affect overall health. For this reason, there is a high possibility that it can affect our body’s pressure as well. But what specific oral issue has a direct link in this increase?

Various researches keep showing how even red, tender, or bleeding gums can trigger increased pressure. It is because bad teeth occur from the presence of bacteria in the mouth. If these bacteria start to grow between the teeth, it can even lead to an infection.

From this point, we will now move into more specific details. Thus, we will highly appreciate you staying with us until the end of this article.


Poor Oral Health and Hypertension

What is the connection between observing poor oral health and hypertension? According to the new research from the American Heart Association, individuals with excellent oral health are most likely to benefit from their hypertension medications.

Why did the research from American Heart Association claim that? They’ve proven that those with hypertension show lower pressure and respond well to medication if they have healthier gums. On the other hand, it goes the other way for those with existing gum disease.

In actuality, those with gum disease require blood pressure monitoring. Meanwhile, those already diagnosed with hypertension together with gum disease need a dentist’s help. Now, do you see a little of the connection between poor oral health and hypertension?

If you do, then it would be best to continue reading the article. There’s a lot more of what you can learn about bad teeth and high blood pressure. Meanwhile, please try to watch this short video about how poor oral hygiene can increase the risk of hypertension.

As a result of poor oral care, those with hypertension will have difficulty managing their blood pressure. In that case, hypertension can even progress to something severe. Besides that, this progression can put the life at risk.


More Connections to Reveal

If your doctor diagnosed you with hypertension, you would most likely target a range lesser than 130/80 mmHg. It is by the recommendations of the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology.

The American Heart Association is a nonprofit organization in the United States. It is an old and substantial voluntary organization that aims to fight heart disease and stroke. Meanwhile, the American College of Cardiology aims to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health.

Relative to hypertension, another health issue that has a high potential of occurring is heart disease. Medical professionals refer to it as hypertensive heart disease. It involves heart problems that tend to arise because of the longevity of high blood pressure.

But how is heart disease connected to oral issues? As we all know, gum disease starts with bacterial growth in the teeth. If the person who has this continuously neglects it, it can become more severe in the long run.

With this condition, a person has more chances of experiencing heart attacks, stroke, or other cardiovascular events. On the other hand, it is a case-to-case basis. Not everyone with heart disease has healthy gums, and not everyone with gum disease develops heart problems.


Can Bad Teeth Cause High Blood Pressure? Let’s answer!

We are asking, can bad teeth cause high blood pressure? The answer would be, it can interfere with the medication for hypertension. Additionally, it means that the more you have bad teeth or bad oral conditions, the more you are at risk of increased blood pressure.

For this reason, it would be best to practice proper oral hygiene at all times. In effect, we are also increasing our chances to improve our overall health conditions. Most of us tend to disregard oral care until oral-related health issues start to develop.

Early development of oral hygiene practices for the young ones.The American Heart Association continuously researches, proving the importance of excellent oral health in blood pressure control. Aside from that, preventing even the development of adverse cardiovascular effects is highly possible.

As we mentioned earlier, various oral issues can lead to the development of other health issues. These health problems can even put our lives at risk in the long run. For this reason, it would be best to care for the teeth and gums as early as possible.


Something to Ponder

Can bad teeth cause high blood pressure? This article has given you enough information to realize how important oral health is. Bad teeth are not good, as it states. For this reason, work it out before it’s too late. On the contrary, it would be better not to have these oral issues in the first place. So, do proper oral hygiene and see your dentist regularly.



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