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June 17, 2021

Category: Dental Health

Apicoectomy Procedure

People tend to think a cracked tooth is nothing to worry about. Sometimes it is but in most cases you will be required to visit a professional dentist before the bacteria contained in the crack infect your tooth root or the jaw. There’s a team of highly professional dentists at family dental surgeons in Gosford who can help you deal with any oral problems. In case of a chipped or cracked tooth, a dentist will perform a root canal procedure to treat the infection. But if the root canal treatment fails, an apicoectomy procedure will be deemed necessary.

Root Canal X-rays

Teeth are one of the more important features of our face which most people fail to take care of.  They are not invincible and if not given proper care like regular brushing and/or using mouthwash, these can decay and eventually infecting it causing damage in the tooth. This now leads us to either replacing it […]

5 Home Remedies for Exposed Nerve Tooth Pain

Toothache can occur due to many different reasons. To know what they are, you can visit dentistryonsolent.com.au for more info. But the most common cause of toothache however is an exposed nerve. This usually occurs when your tooth gets damaged. It can be a serious dental problem if not addressed with utmost care. If you […]

What is a Tooth Nerve Infection

Having strong and healthy teeth brings happiness to a human being because he/she can afford a smile. However, any teeth related ailments cause discomfort to an extent of requiring a medic intervention. An example of such ailments is a tooth nerve infection that is brought about by an infection of the dental pulp. It causes sensitivity that leads to a lot of pain. But there is no need to worry so much as drhornsbydental.com.au site shared plenty of information to give you an idea of how a tooth nerve infection is treated.

Importance Of Emergency Denture Repair

Some people who have dentures understand the true value of this because it is important to have them to eat and even smile. They take the place of the teeth and should also be supported in the same way as natural teeth. People wearing dentures know how to avoid breaking your denture when chewing hard food.

How To Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Some people usually say that to have a straight and beautiful smile is a right accessory, but not everybody who is confident in an appearance of their own teeth. While the braces are normally considered as the best way of straightening teeth, not everybody likes a metallic look of the traditional braces.

Bone graft rejection symptoms

When every detail of the dental bone graft procedure is done perfectly, it can have one of the best outcomes and make one’s jawbone stronger. Sometimes, though, failure after surgery may occur and this is due to several reasons.

Hypersensitivity Vasculitis And The Dental Team

Hypersensitivity vasculitis is a condition caused by an extreme reaction to drugs and other stimuli.

Symptoms Of Septic Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis Due To Tooth Extraction

Poor dental hygiene causes some conditions, some of which can prompt your dentist to recommend tooth extraction. However, this is a procedure that most people consider minor.

What Is Inferior Alveolar Nerve Damage?

Custom visits to the dental practitioner are useful for your wellbeing, state of mind and prosperity. Routine checkups are essential to protect the oral welfare and to avoid future issues. In order to avoid surgical procedures the routine check-ups should be organized every 6 months.

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