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November 27, 2021
Dental Health

Dentist, periodontist, and other dental professionals

dentist periodontist

Problems with teeth? No problem! There are so many dental professionals available to answer your every need. Depending on your dental issue, you can turn to a general dentist, periodontist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, and many other dental practitioners so they can help you find a solution the best way possible. For instance, for gum problems, only go to a trusted periodontist to handle your issues. Let us know the difference between a dentist periodontist, orthodontist, and all other dental professionals and what they can do for the improvement and maintenance of your teeth and smile.


Dental professionals: Their different fields and services

There are so many types of dental practitioners performing and offering various treatments and procedures to us patients. Let us find out more about dentist periodontist, prosthodontist, and other dental professionals.


General dentist

In medicine, your general practitioner is your primary health care provider or PCP. In dental medicine, it is your dentists. They are the primary doctors who assess, diagnose, and treat your dental problem. They may even give referrals and service recommendations to dental specialists if your issue exceeds their level of expertise. For instance, for a dentist periodontist should be consulted for a gum problem.



periodontic gum problemThis dental specialist, as mentioned earlier, is the one to turn to when you have issues with your gums affecting other surrounding structures like the bone and teeth. As a dentist periodontist can assess, diagnose, treat, and manage any gum problem using different procedures and treatments like gum surgeries or root planing. They can also extend their help for patients preparing for dental implants by performing soft tissue or bone grafting, tissue recontouring, or work with the oral surgeon for dental implants placement.



Orthodontists are dental professionals who are experts in dealing with teeth alignment problems. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, an orthodontist may be the best dental professional to go to since they are knowledgeable and skilled in performing teeth straightening procedures, may it be braces, dental aligners, or other orthodontic appliances. Though may dentists nowadays also offer these services, you can expect that the procedures performed by orthodontists are far more accurate and efficient.


Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Simply called OMFS or oral surgeons, these are the dental experts who are responsible for complex and extensive dental surgeries that a patient needs to treat a myriad of problems. For instance, the services of an oral surgeon are needed for dental implant placement, wisdom tooth extraction, surgical removal of tumor or cyst in the gums or jaws, tissue biopsy, or reconstructive jaw surgery after an accident or trauma, among other things.



Missing a tooth? Contact a prosthodontist. He is the dental professional that has wide experience in teeth replacement procedures, be it dentures, bridges, crowns or dental implants! They work hand-in-hand with other dental specialists to provide the best restorative procedure to their patients.


Pediatric dentist

These are like pediatricians for your child’s teeth. They are trained to handle a child’s dental issues with flexibility and patience since you will never know when a kid will throw tantrums or be well-behaved. They also coordinate with fellow specialists if the problem coincides with another expertise, like malocclusion (orthodontist) or gingivitis (periodontist).

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