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November 27, 2021
Dental Health

Does teeth whitening mouthwash really work?

A white set of teeth is something that everybody would like to have. However, with age and sometimes poor oral habits, it would be very difficult to achieve a pearly white set of teeth. Some people opt to use teeth whitening mouthwash. It is also possible for patients to undergo in-chair teeth whitening at the dentist’s office.

What is teeth whitening mouthwash?

Teeth whitening mouthwash is a popular way to whiten teeth at home. Treatments for teeth whitening can be really expensive, and most of the time dental insurance will not cover the cost because it is a cosmetic procedure. The next best and most economical option would be to have the teeth whitened at home, using a mouthwash.

There are many pros to using mouthwash. If you are using a teeth whitening mouthwash, then the whitening attribute of the mouthwash can be an added benefit.

Does it really work?teeth whitening mouthwash

A mouthwash’s primary job would be to get rid of any bacteria in your teeth and around your mouth. Whitening mouthwash would contain ingredients that would help remove stains on teeth. However, most of the time, these mouthwashes would only be able to remove mild staining, if your teeth are severely discolored or stained, you can ask your dentist about other options.

How to keep teeth white

There would be many ways to prevent teeth from getting stained. Many everyday activities would contribute to making teeth become discolored, such as smoking and drinking tea and coffee. Right after drinking your favorite warm beverage, you can swish some water in your mouth to prevent the coffee from sticking to the tooth surface. The same goes for smoking, gargle with water to prevent the effects of the cigarette from staining and discoloring your teeth.

Other options to whiten teeth

Many people claim that if you dilute hydrogen peroxide with 50% of water, you can come up with a make-it-yourself whitening agent, however, experts say that this type of concoction should be avoided since there are many whitening options available at your local drugstore. These other options would be much safer and also effective to use.

Whitening toothpaste. Along with teeth whitening mouthwash, it would be a good idea to also use a whitening toothpaste to hasten the whitening of your teeth.

Do-it-yourself bleaching kits. Many bleaching kits like these would be available over-the-counter for sale at any drugstore. These kits would be able to help remove the unwanted stains on teeth.

When it comes to whitening teeth at home, whitening mouthwashes would be a good option. However, it would still be the most logical idea to consult your dentist before you try any whitening agents on your teeth. Your dentist would be able to tell you if your teeth are prone to tooth sensitivity, or if there would be any risks involved.

If you suffer from gum diseases, it might harm your gums as well. In short, it would be a good idea to verify with your dentist first before buying any whitening products for your teeth.

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