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August 6, 2020
Dental Health

Expectations From Teeth Orthodontics


Hollywood smile is a dream of every person who is not-all-that-happy with the Mother Nature’s creation of their teeth. Looking in the mirror, you might want a brighter smile, better-aligned teeth, or to finally fix some of the inborn teeth malformations. If you’re ready to embark on a journey to enhance your smile, you should be aware of a couple of limits to set realistic expectations about what teeth orthodontics can do for you. Here are some of them:

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Natural Teeth Qualities

Dental veneers, porcelain, in particular, are in high demand. Sadly, not everyone is a suitable candidate for this teeth orthodontics treatment. Before setting your expectations high on transforming your smile, keep in mind some of these issues might create an obstacle:

  • Underlying health problems. Numerous conditions, from paradentosis to chronical issues with bacteria in the mouth can limit your potential to receive dental veneers.
  • The number of healthy natural teeth. If your natural teeth are severely damaged and you lack a base for an orthodontics to work on, they might suggest a different solution.
  • Maintenance capacity. Do you have the time to rinse and floss every single day? If you only have the time for a quick brush-and-go, it might become a problem for maintaining your new set of teeth.

Capacity for Change

Your orthodontist might work to create a perfect brace to help correct some of the teeth malformations, but you should ask about the best result you can expect. In many cases, malformations of the teeth and jaw can correct only to a certain degree. After that, you might consider a different procedure to boost the appearance of the teeth.

Image VS Real Life

Many carry desire to have perfectly white, in-line teeth. But, will it look good on you? Your orthodontist is in the best position to suggest the right shade for whitening your teeth, or the shape for your dental veneers.

Most of the time, the ambition for a perfect smile will push you to have expectations that are unreachable. Keep in mind that your doctor knows best, and accept the natural beauty of the result even if it remains flawed.

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