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May 28, 2024
Dental Health

Exposed Tooth Root Pain

exposed tooth root pain

While we endeavor to keep our teeth healthy by maintaining good dental practices, research shows that nearly 3.9 billion people across the world suffer from different dental problems like missing teeth. While dental implant experts are the best professionals to call for missing teeth, unfortunately, most people do not have access to this type of dental treatment. Another dental problem that needs a professional help is an exposed tooth root pain. Read on as we dicussed all the important facts about it.

What is the exposed tooth root?

One of the most common dental problems is exposed tooth root pain, described as a painful sensation in the teeth while brushing or eating hot or cold food. Such tooth sensation is very annoying and painful, but it also indicates serious dental health problems that need professional dental treatment.

Understanding tooth anatomy

Let’s see what causes exposed tooth root pain. The top visible part of the tooth is covered with enamel whereas, the bottom part of the tooth is the root that goes deep down and is attached to the jaw. Each tooth also has nerves and blood vessels to supply blood to the teeth.

The root is covered by cementum, a hard bone-like structure which covers the teeth above the gum line. The cementum is prone to decay and can slowly wear out during brushing thus exposing the root of the teeth making it more sensitive. exposed tooth root pain

Symptoms of exposed tooth root pain

Tooth sensitivity and aches or pain on having hot or cold food or drinks is the first sign of exposed tooth root. However, the other visible signs may be red and swollen gums that bleed on brushing and some teeth looking longer than others.

How to treat exposed tooth root pain

Since exposed tooth root causes a sensation in the teeth, the best solution is to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth by using a sensitive toothpaste and additionally seeking the help of a dental professional. Applying fluoride gels or desensitizing agents is a part of the professional dental treatment and can help deal with the problem. In addition, the dentist may look at any other existing gum diseases and treat them that are contributing to the problem.

Exposed tooth root pain must be seen by a dentist and treated for relief and prolonging the life of the teeth.

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