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June 2, 2020
Health Facts

How Long To Fast For Blood Test

Fasting before going for blood tests is essential to get precise readings. If you consume food, the body will have to process the sustenance components as they go through the bloodstream. The blood tests analyze an assortment of blood and sugars levels which could be compromised by remote substances, for example, nourishment, contaminated blood and hence painting the wrong picture. Fasting prior to the test enables the doctor to acquire a good picture of the body functioning for an exact diagnosis.

Fasting prior to a blood test is normally required for fasting lipid panel, glucose, metabolic panel, cholesterol, and the triglyceride tests. The tests look for the cholesterol, and the glucose levels in the blood and any sustenance taken prior to the test will give a wrong reading.

Your specialist may prescribe the duration too fast for a blood test; however, the standard time duration is around eight to twelve hours of no sustenance prior to having any blood drawn.

You should fast for about eight prior to going for the glucose test. This test is commonly done in the morning when the body is in a resting position for a precise reading.

How Long To Fast For Blood TestOne ought to fast for not less than half a day prior to taking a cholesterol blood test so as to get the precise readings on triglycerides. American Heart Association warns caution against the quick cholesterol tests one finds in shopping centers and healthy fairs since fasting is basic to getting a precise outcome.

Remain hydrated and consume a lot of water. Take any prescription that your specialist endorsed to you aside from corticosteroids, androgens, estrogen, a few diuretics, oral contraceptives, anti-psychotic drugs incorporating haloperidol, niacin and some antibiotics.   Avoid smoking, drinking any other fluid apart from water or exercising amid your fasting. These elements may influence your test outcomes.

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