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November 27, 2021
Dental Health

How to Choose Your Teeth Braces Colors

teeth braces colors

You have been advised by your doctor that you have to undergo an orthodontic procedure to correct your bite and improve your look and smile. Your dentist tells you that dental braces or clear braces can enhance your looks. So you’ve decided to go ahead and use dental braces, but you still want to look good and make your teeth alignment procedure still look fashionable and not geeky. What should you do? Choose the best teeth braces colors for you! Here are some tips.

How to choose the best dental braces color for me

Opt for ceramic. If you need mild to moderate teeth straightening and you have the extra buck for your procedure, you can choose to use ceramic or clear braces instead of the traditional metal ones.

Know the misconceptions. We advise you not to use white braces color because it will make your teeth appear off-white as time passes. It is also good to choose dark colors but try to steer clear from colors that may look like food is stuck between your teeth. Moreover, if you are a fan of yellow and gold, steer clear of it with your braces because it will highlight your teeth’s yellowish stains.

Match the season. Independence day (red, white, and blue), Christmas (red and green), St. Patrick’s Day (green), Easter (pastel colors), these holidays have their own signature hues! Have fun and spread the joy of the season by matching your braces with these holiday colors!

teeth braces colorsGet your favorite. Make yourself smile every time you look at yourself in the mirror by getting your favorite color! Just be mindful of using colors that may highlight your teeth imperfections like white, yellow, gold, brown, or green.

Colors that match your eyes. There are specific colors that can complement your eye colors. If you are green-eyed, you can use violet, cherry red, or mandarin orange. Sky blue, lavender or lilac, and crimson or pink can be used by people with blue eyes.

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