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November 27, 2021
Dental Health

How To Pull A Rotten Tooth (By Yourself At Home)

how to pull a rotten tooth

Many people wonder if it is safe to pull out a rotten tooth. This article will talk about how to pull a rotten tooth on your own. After reading the article, you can also click on the link to read more about a similar topic on a swollen cheek due to rotten tooth.

Is it safe to pull a rotten tooth?

The pulling of teeth may be safe for children but not for adults. Since children’s baby teeth will naturally fall out to make room for the permanent teeth, if a child is suffering from pain because of a rotten baby tooth, it is safe to pull it out. However, for adults, pulling out rotten permanent teeth can cause more harm than good.

How to pull a rotten tooth

how to pull a rotten tooth

If you are trying to pull a rotten tooth for a child, there are a few ways on how you can do it.

Bite down on dental floss. They can bite down on gauze to try and dislodge the tooth and make it come off. A gauze is a good option instead of a harder material or food because it will be less painful for the child.

Pull it out with dental floss. Like the age-old scene from movies and television shows, children can use dental floss, tie it to a doorknob and the tooth and use the force from closing the door to have the dental floss pull out their tooth.

They mustn’t use their hands when they try and remove the loose tooth. Their hands may have bacteria that can be introduced to the tooth that can affect the surrounding teeth and gums.

Do not to this for yourself

if as an adult, you experience loose or rotten teeth, you should not make the removal of your tooth into a DIY project. Many risks accompany trying to remove adult teeth on your own.

Permanent damage. You may risk causing permanent damage to the tooth and the surrounding teeth if you attempt to remove the tooth on your own.

Part of the tooth may be left behind. Even if you can take the tooth out, there is a great chance of some part of the tooth, like the roots being left behind.

Cavities and infection. There is always the risk of an infection developing if you remove the tooth on your own.

Facial collapse. The bone and gums in your face can collapse if you remove the tooth in the wrong way.

What you can do

If you have a rotten tooth that is causing you pain, it is a good idea for you to see a dentist instead of attempting to pull it out yourself. A dentist is fully-trained in the ways of tooth extractions, and they will be able to remove the rotten tooth without causing harm to the surrounding teeth, soft tissues in the mouth and gums. They will also be able to tell you why the tooth rotted in the first place and will be able to advise you about how to avoid developing rotten teeth in the future.

Choosing a good quality mouthwash can also help prevent rotten teeth, check out this mouthwash reviews and comparison by Dental 266.

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