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November 27, 2021
Medical Facts

Is it possible to make an appointment online to visit a medical clinic?

to make an appointment

Before the surge of technology and the birth of hospital or clinic websites, one must call the receptionist for an appointment with the doctor or wait in line for a very long time in clinics and out-patient hospital rooms just to be checked. But now that almost everything can be done with just a click and a tap on your gadget, trying to make an appointment with your doctor online is easy as pie. Let us find out the advantages and disadvantages, if any, of booking a doctor’s appointment online.

Advantages of booking an appointment online

Hassle-free appointment scheduling. With the touch of a button, you are already listed in the patient list.

Booking ahead of schedule is allowed. Choose a date and time that the doctor is available and just wait for a confirmation and you are all set!

Patient time management. Easier for doctor and patient to maximize their consultation time.

Doctor’s availability can be checked. The calendar of activities of your doctor may be available in their websites so you know their availability without leaving messages on their voicemails.

Easy rescheduling process. In case of emergency or change of plans, you can just follow the rescheduling process the clinic has and change your consultation date and time with no extra cost!

Book anytime. Websites are open online all day, so you can book an appointment even in the wee hours of the night, the system can process that for you!

Disadvantages of booking an appointment online

to make an appointmentGadget use is mandatory. Although almost everyone now has at least a PC, tablet, or mobile phone, some still have no means to communicate and stay connected online.

Lack of knowledge. This is true especially to the older generations who did not see technology as a necessity. They would rather go to the hospital and be physically present in the clinic just to make sure that they are scheduled.

Miscommunication. If it is just the appointment scheduling that is done online, there would seem to be no problem. However, if you are going to schedule an appointment for a follow-up, some would still treat it as an initial consult and will queue you again in that patient schedule. Or, the doctor may leave you a video message after reading your results and doing your virtual follow up consult may seem to be impersonal and unsatisfying for some.

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