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August 9, 2020

The Complete IVF Cycle

ivf cycle

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is a procedure or a series of medical procedures that are used to treat fertility to be able to conceive a child.¬† In this process, the mature eggs are collected (retrieved) from a woman’s ovaries, and it is fertilized with sperm. There are clinics that offer IVF procedure in Melbourne. If you are interested to know more about the IVF process, visit their clinic.

IVF is so far the most effective form of modern reproductive technology which is a treatment for genetic problems or infertility problems.

Ovulation does not take place in an IVF cycle. This is the biggest difference between an IVF process and a regular menstrual cycle. Instead, in an IVF procedure, the mature eggs are taken or retrieved, and then they are fertilized in the IVF lab thus creating an embryo. After that, the embryo is then transferred to the uterus to initiate a pregnancy. Then the embryo is transferred to the uterus.

The IVF process

IVF is a step by step process, so it is important to know the detailed description of each process.


This is the baseline of the process. In this process, you take suppression drugs which prevent you from ovulating on your own once the stimulation base has begun.


A proper baseline is very important to know your medical history like neither of your ovaries has any large cysts, check your hormone levels of progesterone and estrogen

Progressing Toward Egg Retrieval

During this time the team of medical experts (nurses, sonographers, and endocrinologists) will monitor the response to the medication by the use of transvaginal ultrasound images and hormone testing. They will evaluate the level of hormones to be able to know the appropriate medication. As soon as these procedures are done, the physician will then determine through the results that it is time to schedule the retrieval of the egg.

Egg retrieval

The patient is sedated during the process. The fluid is then passed via a syringe to the embryologist. The next days, you will be monitored on how many mature eggs are in the embryo. Ultrasound is used in the process of monitoring.

ivf cycleEmbryo transfer

This happens three to five days after the egg retrieval when the embryos are now put back to the uterus.


A blood test is performed fourteen days after the retrieval if the process has resulted in pregnancy.

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