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November 27, 2021
Medical Facts

Medical practice near me: Types of medical practices

medical practice near me

There are many types of medical practices. If you are the owner of such a practice and find yourself Googling “medical practice near me” to search for competition, this article is for you. Perhaps you’re looking to do marketing for your medical practice to boost your bookings.

Types of medical practices

Many medical practices might be in close proximity to you, but not all of them may be your direct competitors. 


Solo practice. As the name of this type of practice suggests, this entails a single practice that has no other affiliations when it comes to working. It has no connections to other similar organizations, and usually have just one physician or specialist working in the practice. This used to be a common type of medical practice near mepractice, but nowadays it is going out of style. Although this model is still preferred by older practitioners in the field, many newer practices like the idea of being affiliated with colleagues and other organizations.


Group practices. There are many sub-types of practices that fall under group practices. This type of practice usually has one or two physicians to provide a similar type of care to a certain group of patients. These physicians usually provide only one specific type of care to patients.


Employed physician practices. This is becoming increasingly popular among physicians nowadays. This type of practice entails several physicians working together to provide many different types of care to patients. It is becoming increasingly popular for health groups and medical centers to manage many different solo and group practices and use these to provide care and treatment for patients. 


The upside for a physician to join an employed physician practice is that all the responsibilities for managing and running the practice as a whole fall to the people or firm that owns the overall practice. This allows the doctors and other medical specialists who are also employed to concentrate on their roles in the medical field, instead of having to devote time to side-roles in management and office work.


The disadvantage of working in this type of practice is that most of the time, scheduling may not be within the control of the physician. They will not be independent to make their own decisions about their practice because oftentimes, the decisions will depend on the management and the other practices that are involved in the overall team.


Other types. The other types of medical practice models involve other types of medical specialists and even medical interns that also join the team. Other types of medical practices work with what is most comfortable and convenient for them. 


What you can do

If you read this article and are interested in having marketing and sales work done for your medical practice, you can stop Googling “medical practices near me” and click the link above to get more information about good marketing strategies and campaigns that can benefit your practice. Having a solid marketing plan in place or having a stable company do your marketing for you will highly benefit you and your medical practice.

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