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November 27, 2021
Beauty Tips

Professional LED Light Therapy Machine In Facial Skin Care

professional led light therapy machine

Whenever you’re looking on social media for the latest trends in health and wellness, you might be surprised to see these creepy masks used by influencers. Others have light-emitting tools, creams, and other means of making their faces glow and feel smooth. Taking up a notch in advance skin treatment and care, LED Light Therapy machines are used by dermatologists to enhance your facial skin. If you’re looking for more information online about LED Light Therapy ask your doctor regarding the possible side effects of this method and if this is allowed for you.


What exactly is LED Light Therapy?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) was originally used for replacements in bulbs, car lights, and other traditional light-emitting tools that were not nature-friendly. Space technology has introduced a professional LED light therapy machine in NASA, which was a step for plant conservation while in outer space. However, the result of the invention has led to another breakthrough in beauty regimens as well as possible at-home facial skin resolutions. If you are worried about your exposed veins in the face, LED Light Therapy rejuvenates your skin in a better glow. LED Light Therapy is now used for people with skin problems since Light Therapy emits a lower frequency of light than those done by UV or stronger Blue LED lights.


Treatments that LED Light Therapy can do

professional led light therapy machine

There are certain colors associated with what your face needs for LED Light Therapy. The safest and low emitting light from Red LEDs are recommended for those who haven’t done any procedure in this method. Red LEDs can increase the hydration levels of the skin, prevent aging, acne repair, as well an anti-inflammatory technique for the skin. The target for Red LEDs penetrate are the oil glands that produce cytokines, which is one of the causes of inflammation and chronic acne. Blue LED lights can also be used in facial skincare therapy but on certain controlled frequency levels only. The reason for the caution is that Blue LED lights can penetrate bacteria in the glands which causes acne to spread in the face. Blue LED lights stimulate the oxygen radicals in the skin that kills these P. acnes bacteria without damaging the skin.

Other forms such as Amber (Orange) or Green LEDs are commonly used in soothing the skin as well as producing more melatonin for even skin tone respectively. These two LED Light Therapies are commonly seen in the market, available as home remedies that can be used by everyone.


Can everyone use this method?

Before your enthusiasm for doing facial skincare using the professional LED Light Therapy machine, certain reminders are needed. It is advised that you do a preliminary consultation with a professional skincare doctor to see if you are able to use LED Light Therapy. Moreover, LED Light Therapy products available in the market are available both online and in your local stores.  Avoid using a product that enhances your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight before going to LED sessions. One example is using Accutane that contains a huge dose of Vitamin A which may be a possible risk in your skin’s sensitivity and may cause scarring. Check if the products you are using have side effects for your skin condition such as psoriasis or other skin diseases and have a scheduled checkup with your dermatologist.


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