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November 27, 2021
Beauty Tips

Spider Veins Natural Treatment

spider veins

Spider veins are tiny, dilated veins that usually appear dark red or purple on the skin surface of the legs. They are annoying, can burn and are not very nice. Some remove broom riders surgically, but there are also excellent natural remedies that can help with this problem. Read more about this in this article.

In other areas, there are also natural treatment to getting a proportioned body figure but we also recommend reading through article for breast reduction surgery which may help on choosing the right treatment for such operation.

How can spider veins be treated? Spider veins occur mainly on the ankle , calves and thighs. This is mostly due to three factors: genetic predisposition, poor circulation and habits (diet, sedentariness, etc.). It can come at the same time to varicose veins and spider veins , but usually the latter occur first. If this is the case, you should take appropriate action to stop the progression.

  • Cold shower of the legs nice legs

A cold shower of the legs in the morning is very effective. Run the shower for five minutes immediately after getting up. You can also moisten a towel with cold water and wrap your legs with it. So the inflammation of the spider veins goes back and at the same time the blood circulation is promoted. You can start the day with a pleasant feeling this way. It is best to shower your legs cold every day.

  • Do not forget about antioxidants orange juice

How about a fresh orange juice in the morning? This contains valuable antioxidants, which are highly recommended for good blood circulation and oxygenation and also for muscle tone. Do not forget about lemon , fresh grapefruit, raspberries, tomatoes , kiwis etc. in your daily diet .

  • Sleep with your legs up high-mounted legs

Slightly elevated legs improve blood circulation. A pillow under the legs, you can prevent the spider veins from getting bigger.

  • spider veins treatmentHome remedies with apple cider vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is excellent for strengthening and relaxing the muscles. It also promotes blood circulation and is therefore very helpful in spider veins. How is apple cider vinegar applied? Moisten a cloth with a little vinegar and rub the affected areas with it. Leave the apple cider vinegar on the legs for about 20 minutes. Repeat this application every day.

  • Home remedies with avocado and wild rose wildrose

This remedy is very effective and is especially recommended after every depilation. It calms the skin and stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation. There are also expensive creams with the same ingredients, but here’s how you can make this great remedy yourself. Wild rose oil is readily available in health food stores or pharmacies and is used for many beauty products as it has many very positive skin properties. In combination with avocado you get an excellent remedy for spider veins. Preparation of the cream

You will need half an avocado and 10 drops of wild rose oil. Remove the flesh of the avocado, the best are the still green parts that are directly at the core, as they have better healing properties. Crush the flesh of the avocado and mix it with the rosehip oil to form a homogeneous cream that can be easily applied to the legs.

Apply the cream on the affected areas, always from bottom to top with circular movements counterclockwise. Let the cream work for about 15 minutes to allow the active ingredients to be well absorbed by the skin. Then rinse with fresh water. You will immediately notice the result: tender, well-groomed, moisturized legs and no complaints caused by spider veins.

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