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January 31, 2023
Beauty Tips

Teeth Whitening Gel – Make Your Smile More Dazzling


Teeth whitening is a great option for people who have no fillings and have generally healthy teeth and gums, but would just love to have a more radiant smile. If the person already has some yellow or brown staining, then they’re going to show the most results. One of the most popular way of whitening your teeth is through the use of whitening gels.

They’re available in two different versions. Hydrogen peroxide gel is the stronger one and is usually used only by dentists. Carbamide peroxide is a lighter version usually used in products meant for home usage. The percentage of the peroxide determines the actual strength of the gel.

It comes in different variants. For example, the 10% strength version of carbamide peroxide is ideal for with sensitive teeth. Another version contains 16% which is most commonly used and is stronger. Lastly, 22% version is the strongest and used for deep stains.

Carbamide peroxide gels come with the whitening trays. These trays are like mouthpiece. Gel is poured and spread in these trays and is placed over the jaw. For a specified moment of time the trays are kept on them. The longer it’s placed inside the mouth the better the teeth whitening results. Results can form as quick as 5 to 6 hours. During that duration, the gel oxidizes the plaque from it, and gives lighter shades with your teeth. dentists using teeth whitening

Peroxide based gels work. You can expect results in as less as a week. But the stronger the gel you select, more the chances of you experiencing severe burning and sensitivity. Doctors recommend that you don’t use more than 10% carbamide peroxide because it translates to 3% hydrogen peroxide which is the maximum permitted limit for home usage. Anything over this limit may be harmful to the teeth.

A safer and better choice is to use Natural Teeth Whitening gels that contain ingredients like calcium carbonate and aloe vera along with whitening agents of botanical origin. It provides excellent whitening minus the unwanted side effects.

The quality of the gels, their effectiveness and the pricing makes them the most popular products over strips, toothpastes and toothbrushes. So, the next time you wish to whiten your teeth in a professional manner, look for teeth whitening gel.

There’s another teeth whitening gel that is only available and dispensed by a licensed dental professional. It’s the opalescence teeth whitening gel.

2 thoughts on “Teeth Whitening Gel – Make Your Smile More Dazzling

  1. I want to know also how effective to use that another whitening treatment, the opalescence teeth whitening one. Need to try that one.

  2. Going to your dentist is still the best way to get a better teeth whitening treatment. Just don’t rely on using teeth whitening that can be bought in the stores. Improper usage can harm your teeth and can lead to sensitive teeth.

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