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August 9, 2020
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Which doctor to consult for leg swelling?

which doctor to consult for leg swelling

Leg swelling is caused by a number of factors such as fluid buildup and edema. Pregnancy and sprained ankles may also lead to temporary swelling. Major swellings can lead to severe health deterioration. It is therefore essential to visit a doctor as soon as leg swelling is noted. Determining which doctor to consult for swollen legs may not be an easy task. This is especially daunting if you’re not sure of the cause or extent of your swelling. This article will highlight the doctors to consult for leg swelling.

which doctor to consult for leg swellingGeneral physician

It’s recommended that you visit a general physician upon discovery of your leg swelling. Basic clinical examination will often highlight the cause of the problem. A general physician will also prescribe the required treatment. In most cases, a general physician will manage and treat your leg swelling. Severe injuries may, however, be referred to as specific specialists. Visiting a general physician will, therefore, aid reference to the appropriate specialist.

Endocrinologist and cardiologist

Some serious health conditions such as kidney, liver and heart failure may lead to leg swelling. This is especially common among aged and diabetic patients. A visit to an endocrinologist or a cardiologist will be a wise measure. These specialists will intensively investigate the cause of your leg swelling. Some diagnosis will save you from severe health complications and aid a speedy recovery.

Endovascular Surgeon

Complicated cases will always be referred to an endovascular surgeon. These references will be as a result of visiting a general physician first. Serious leg infections or a blood clot in your leg may require surgery to treat the swelling. Dysfunctional leg veins and edema will also require the attention of this specialist. An endovascular surgeon will ensure that blood clots are removed and leg veins corrected. This will prevent the development of varicose veins.

The doctors described above will save you from leg swellings. A visit these specialists will, therefore, provide relief and treatment required. This will be essential in restoring your health and evading future leg swelling.

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