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November 27, 2021
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Why Do My Eyes Hurt? (11 Common Reasons For Eye Pain)

The man slightly rubs his eye.

There are many possible reasons for the question of why do my eyes hurt. However, eye pain is common as you age. That is why a regular comprehensive eye exam is essential to keep your eyes healthy. If you have irritated blood vessels in your eyes, it can be a warning sign of eye infections. Visit a trusted eye doctor near you.


About The Eye Pain

Otherwise known as ophthalmalgia, eye pain is an actual discomfort that can come from many possible reasons. For example, a foreign body in your eye, dryness on the eyeball’s surface, or an ailment influences your vision.

The pain can be minor or serious, making you rub your eyes, blink more quickly, squint, or feel like you need to keep your eyes close.


Causes of Eye Pain

Eye Strain

Eye strain happens when the eyes get drained. Usually, it occurs when someone is finishing a job that includes concentrating the eyes for extensive periods. This can bring about throbbing, watery, or dry eyes.



Conjunctivitis or pink eye causes pain, pus, redness, discomfort, and burning in your eyes. The transparent covering of the white piece of your eye, known as the conjunctiva, seems pink or red when you have these eye conditions. Additionally, conjunctivitis can be due to allergies or viral eye infections that can be highly contagious.The woman asks, why do my eyes hurt?


Corneal Abrasion

This eye pain is a scrape, scratch on the outside of your cornea. Makeup brushes, fingernails, and tree branches are typical offenders of corneal abrasions. Furthermore, rubbing your eye and having dry eyes can cause a corneal abrasion.


Corneal Ulcer

An eye infection restricted to your cornea can cause discomfort in one eye, just as tearing and redness. This condition can be bacterial infections that should be treated with antibiotic medication. If you have contact lenses, you are in greater danger of corneal ulcer.



Also known as anterior uveitis, iritis portrays irritation that occurs in the iris. It can occur because of hereditary factors. At times, the cause of iritis is challenging to determine. This can cause tearing, redness, and a throbbing inclination in either of your eyes.



Glaucoma is an eye complication where you have pressure within your eyeball, leading to issues with your vision. This can turn out to be progressively painful as the pressure in your eye increments.



A sty is a painful lump around your eyelid that may appear similar to a pimple or boil. Stys frequently feel delicate to the touch and can cause pain around the whole space of your eye.


Dry Eye

Dry eye conditions can be brought about by various medical conditions, each with its own symptoms. Contact lens use, environmental factors, and autoimmune disorders can all contribute to red, dry, and excruciating eyes.


Optic Neuritis

This condition harms your optic nerves. Sometimes, optic neuritis is connected to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other neurological problems. Moreover, the common symptoms of optic neuritis are blurred vision and pain in the eyes.


Vision Changes

A headache can be a symptom that your vision is changing. In fact, numerous individuals encounter changes in their vision as they age.



Eye pain can be a symptom if you injure your eye due to trauma or accident. This can cause discomfort and lasting damage such as vision loss.


Treatment For Eye Pain

If the pain is gentle and does not occur with other symptoms, such as mucus or blurred vision, you might be able to address the pain at home. Also, you may have to think about an over-the-counter medication.


Home Treatment

After knowing “why do my eyes hurt”, home solutions can cleanse your eyes from foreign objects and soothe the pain. These include:The woman uses medicated drops to treat her dry eyes.

  • Applying a cold compress to the affected area can soothe itching and pain caused by chemical exposure, rubbing, and allergies.
  • Diluted aloe vera with cold water can use as a treatment as well. Simply apply the solution using fresh cotton swabs to your closed eyes.
  • OTC eye drops can treat the indications of numerous reasons for eye pain.

Moreover, remember to drink a lot of water and wear sunglasses when you are outside while you experience eye pain. Also, keep in mind to avoid excessive screen time.


Medical Treatment

Medical approaches for eye pain typically come in the style of medicated drops. Antibiotic artificial tears and eye ointment might be recommended to treat an infection.

Suppose the pain is because of an allergy. In that case, a doctor may prescribe oral anti-allergy medicine to diminish the seriousness of your symptoms.

Sometimes an eye disease will require the intervention of surgery. In these conditions, a specialist will review your choices with you before planning a medical procedure. Furthermore, surgical procedures for your eye pain may be recommended if your vision or health is in danger.


When to Visit an Eye Doctor

It is essential to visit an eye doctor immediately if you observe you have any of the following issues. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, symptoms include:

  • exposure to pinkeye
  • unusual sensitivity to light
  • redness in your cornea
  • eyelashes are encrusted with mucous
  • serious pain in your eyes or your head



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