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February 23, 2024
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Compression Stockings for Treating Varicose Veins during Pregnancy

varicose veins during pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, then you might face the problem of varicose veins. These are twisted up veins, which are unable to push the blood back to the heart and hence get bulged outward.

The foremost reasons for this condition is the increased quantity of progesterone in the body and the pressure exerted by the gravid uterus on major veins of the pelvic region. These veins may develop around the legs, vagina and even around the anus. In some women, it may persist even after the delivery. Of the various ways to treat the condition, the best varicose vein treatment is pregnancy support hose which is otherwise called compression stockings.

Benefits of Compression Stockings

By wearing an elasticized compression stocking, you can easily avoid varicose veins during pregnancy by assisting an easy flow of blood back from the legs to the rest of the body. These stockings are available in wide range and broad styles including knee-high, panties style, full leg, as waist attachment et al. These products are found to meet all the recommendations of modern therapy and use a top quality elastic material.

The manufacturing of compression stockings involves exceptional technological processing in which all the fibers of lycra are woven around the microfiber. Hence, the skin doesn’t come in contact with lycra directly, thereby preventing skin irritation. Thus, this varicose veins pregnancy treatment is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Microfiber helps in removing the humidity from the skin surface as it has good permeability and provides a warm feeling to the affected area. The pressure declines gradient of this silky soft stocking, affect blood circulation and prevents the uncomfortable sensations like swelling, tiredness and heavy legs.

While wearing the stockings, make sure that it’s leaving no wrinkles; and the knitting marks are also correctly placed. The correct fitting compression stocking will only give you the best comfort. These stockings should be used when you wake up in the morning and should be removed only when you lie down with your legs elevated.

More than medical aids, compression stockings have cosmetic value too. Many women make use of these stockings to hide blemishes and scars on the legs which are the results of venous ulcers, varicose veins or injuries. Made of elastic material, they provide a snug fit at the contours of the feet and less tight-fighting at the knee area not hampering the mobility. Even the pressure is graded at different levels to provide appropriate compression to different parts of the leg.

In conclusion, since compression stockings cost higher than the regular ones because of the inbuilt compression, once can narrow down the search and price gap by purchasing these stockings from online stores at discounted prices.

2 thoughts on “Compression Stockings for Treating Varicose Veins during Pregnancy

  1. Varicose veins if not avoided might affect your child in your pregnancy. It is better to do the possible things right away than regret the things in the end.

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