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February 24, 2024
Dental Health

Cosmetic Dentistry Cost

cosmetic dentistry

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, what disturbs us the most is the cost of the treatment? The costs for each of these treatments vary from one dentist to the other no matter which one you visit for further treatments. Just similar to the process of plastic surgery, the affordable cosmetic dentistry to uses the same techniques and materials like any other traditional dental service. Many people who have suffered from injuries or some sort of diseases that have either damaged their teeth or enamel will definitely require some repairs so that they look better and remain strong. Such repairs are done only by these cosmetic dentists who are experienced enough to handle such elective procedures. Yes, this is an expensive treatment and this is why you can read my article on how you can minimize these costs?

dental implant

When you look for perfect cosmetic dentistry prices then the rates vary as per the type of dental treatment conducted. For example, the procedures such as veneers and dental implants are considered to be the most expensive ones as compared to the others. Veneers are the best option but they also come with high prices and if you do not take proper care while they are permanent you could land up paying even more than what you have actually paid. While every dentist here has their own rates and charges different than each other, following is a rough idea of how much you might have to pay.

Dental implants, another expensive treatment should cost you around $3000 to $4000 per tooth. Porcelain Veneers, the most expensive of all will cost $600 to $1000 per veneer. Teeth whitening start from $600 to $2600 but it all depends on the type of whitening procedure you are going in for. Porcelain Crown will be from $800 to $1600 per crown.

Another treatment called bleaching is done by using peroxide gels to make the teeth look whiter. This is where the dental method becomes more popular since it’s relatively cheap and simple and also covers the stained teeth with binding materials. It normally takes two to seven sessions to make the plastic dental tray and use it for the patients. If the case is severe it might take more time too and with this, the cost can be $300 to $900 per upper or lower row of the teeth.

Bonding is usually done by making use of composite resin materials to close up all the gaps and this might require more than one visit. Also known as crowning, this dental method involves the procedure of grinding the teeth to stumps and then covers it using porcelain crowns. Bonding might cost you around $200 to $1000 per tooth since this treatment lasts from three to ten years respectively.

The above-mentioned figures are just rough estimates that are available online but it might also change depending on the type of cosmetic dentistry practice you wish to go in for. You may visit Leichhardt Marketplace Dental clinic for more info.

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  1. There are dental plans available to get discount for these services. I’m sure these cosmetic dentistry services are covered with dental plans.

  2. People wanting to have a perfect smile, so they all do the possible ways to achieve that even if it’s cost high.

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