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May 28, 2024
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Considerations When Buying An IV Catheter (Vein Care Management )

Considerations When Buying An IV Catheter

Veins are sensitive and can cause serious health problems due to a lack of care. A vein may break due to surgical procedures, underlying health conditions, or accidents. A person that gets injected with an intravenous instrument such as a surgical needle must have the experience to do so. Moreover, nursing care and practices such as IV sedation, blood tests, and others that need the transmission of fluid may use an IV catheter. What are the benefits and uses of an IV catheter in everyday medical and dental purposes? You may answer your questions here as there are many uses for IV catheters, such as insertion of anesthesia and sedation in both medicine and dentistry.


What Is An IV Catheter?

A small tube such as an intravenous (IV) catheter already has lots of benefits for medical and dental procedures. The peripheral intravenous catheter may have different sets, types, and sizes. Medical aid may use intravenous cannulation to extract samples, blood, and other fluids for analysis and examination. There are many benefits of using an IV catheter, such as less bleeding, shorter pain, and proper passage of fluids through the needle and catheter tube. On the contrary, there are risks when using an intravenous catheter. Malpractice of IV catheters usage can cause an air embolism, hemorrhage, hematoma or bruise, and infection. 


Uses Of Intravenous Catheter For The Vein

It is vital in any procedure or assessment to focus on the safety of the patient. In general, there are only three main uses of IV catheters that nurses and other medical aides may practice. 

  • Assessment Of Fluids

IV Catheter

Aside from blood and medicine, there may be other fluids in the body that needs an assessment from a doctor. This procedure will help the professional do some laboratory tests and examinations for unseen dental or physical diseases. The IV catheters can also regulate fluids in the body by injecting the saline solution, chemotherapy, or anesthetics.

  • Blood Sampling

A hospital may ask for a patient’s blood sample when it comes to analyzing underlying health diseases. A nurse will insert quality brands like B Braun Introcan catheters for stabilization of transmission of blood and fluid between the nerves and the catheter tube itself. 

  • Administration of Prescription Medicine 

Diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases may require midline or peripheral intravenous catheters for receiving their prescription medicine. The safety of drug transmission lies in the proper cleaning of gauze, needle access, and the flow of the medication in the bloodstream. 


What To Consider When Buying An IV Catheter From A Supplier

As a medical or dental professional, you may have heard of brand names like B Braun Or Becton Dickinson. These catheters focus on the quality of its tubes and needles. More than the popularity of these names, it is our recommendation to look for the factors that make it high quality. The first factor when considering an IV catheter is the durability of the tube itself. Moreover, the grip and pressure that you exert should be less while the liquid easily goes through the line and into the patient. Any extremes such as high or low pressure in the injection will have fatal hazards in patients. This issue is very crucial in emergencies and high-risk surgical operations. 


Vein Care And Management (Personal Care And Professional Practice)

Despite the safety regulations and policies designed for buying peripheral intra venous supplies, there are still ongoing issues. Online and bulk buying from online manufacturers may be easy. But, an infection may spread if these intravenous catheters are not sterilized or have leakage and damages. Hence, there should be a proper way to manage the veins for both personal and professional aspects. Take a look at some of our suggestions.


Personal Care

IV Catheter Vein Care Management

Obviously, it is not allowed for personal use without the supervision of a nurse to obtain an IV catheter. Only those who need medicine can keep these instruments in safety. However, when it comes to the personal care of the veins, any individual needs to avoid eating meals and food that may trigger high blood pressure. More individuals are suffering from heart diseases and stroke due to cholesterol, bacteria plaques in arteries and veins, as well as illegal drug intake. 


Professional Practice

Many nurses, doctors, and other medical and dentistry professionals have different guidelines for administering vein care management. Among these policies, here are some general tips to follow in IV catheterization. For the professionals, it is vital to flush out IV catheters to eliminate bacterial or viral infection. Your patient must also have continuous cleaning and removal of gauzes, midline or peripheral catheter, and other equivalent instruments.

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