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May 28, 2024
Dental Health

Root Canal X-rays

root canal xray

Teeth are one of the more important features of our face which most people fail to take care of.  They are not invincible and if not given proper care like regular brushing and/or using mouthwash, these can decay and eventually infecting it causing damage in the tooth. This now leads us to either replacing it with an implant or getting a root canal.  Now how can the dentist identify whether your tooth needs a root canal or not? One of the easiest and most accurate ways to identify decaying teeth is through the use of root canal x-rays or specifically conventional radiographs that provide a 2-D image of the teeth.

Here are the signs that show in root canal x-rays which would call for a need of root canal in a decaying tooth.
1.) Periapicalradiolucencis – these are dark spots that can be found at the tip of the tooth’s root. If this is present it shows that the decaying tooth is in need of a root canal procedure.
2.) Widening of the periodontal ligament space – widening of a portion of the PDL may be symptoms of endodontic problems. root canal xray
3.) Changes in Lamina Dura – the surface layer of which the PDL is attached would show a white outline in x-rays if the tooth is decaying and may need a root canal treatment.
4.) Condensing osteitis – the presence of an opaque white region around the tooth in x-rays may be caused by chronic inflammation due to deposits of additional bone are given off.

X-rays aren’t really conclusive evidence of the need for a root canal but most often than not they are used as instruments to confirm already obvious symptoms like chronic pain and/or a blood exam which shows positive results of a decaying tooth. It’s best to just keep your teeth healthy by brushing them regularly every day to prevent tooth decay. Go to the https://carindalefamilydentist.com.au/dentist-norman-park/ website for more guide and tips to avoid tooth decay.

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