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May 28, 2024
Dental Health

Symptoms Of Dental Nerve Damage

Symptoms Of Dental Nerve Damage

Damages to the dental nerves can cause serious complications. Dental nerves are located under the dentin of the tooth and can be damaged through accidents, excessive tooth decay and other activities that result in dental pulp being exposed. If you feel pain deep inside your gums it might be nerve damage so consult a dentist to find out what to do.


  • Dental Nerve Damage

    A dental abscess- If you feel that there is swelling around you tooth or jaw, you will know that you have an abscessed tooth. An injury causes a dental abscess typically on the tooth or tooth decay. An abscessed tooth is always a symptom of dental nerve damage. Dental nerve damage increases pressure and blood circulation around the tooth thus causing swelling around the tooth and jaw.

  • Pain on the tooth- If you have nerve damage then you will experience pain on the tooth while taking both hot and cold food. You will also experience pain by just touching the jaw or when air currents pass on it. You might also experience pain resembling that of a migraine. All these results from the fact that the nerves are unable to send the right signals about the tooth’s activity.
  • The Numbness-Another symptom of tooth nerve damage is numbness around the neck, jaw and even your face. Such insensitivity may resemble that resulting from injection using a needle and may cause you a lot of discomforts.
  • Speech impairment-Another dental nerve damage symptom is impaired speech. Because of the pain and numbness on the jaw, you are unable to speak comfortably since you are trying to reduce such suffering. As a result, you might find yourself murmuring or uttering the wrong words.
  • Drooling-This is also another symptom of dental nerve damage. It refers to spilling of saliva unintentionally. This occurs because damaged nerves won’t be able to control the contraction of jaw muscles.


As you have seen, dental nerve damage brings a lot of pain and discomfort. For instance, it causes pain, numbness, drooling and impaired speech. You should, therefore, be on the lookout for these symptoms to prevent them from becoming fatal.

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