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May 28, 2024
Dental Health

Steps On How Braces Work

teeth braces

Do you know the steps on how braces work to restore you smile again? Irrespective of the shape and nature of teeth that you have today worry not, as braces can now work miracles and restore them. They help align your teeth making them straight and beautiful again.

Our team in ToothImplantsSydney would be able to guide and provide you with more dental information.

The nature of changes that are made is easily controlled by different braces that are available. Through the guide and the full support of orthodontist and Dental 266 dentist in Burwood, NSW is made to be fully implemented depended on the needs. Different changes are made with different types, some consist of wires, bands and removable and all the appliances work perfectly.

When you look at how braces work, the details behind the whole dental process is very important as it will be the only way to change the look. The pressure that is given by the braces on the teeth becomes a great tool to help bring them to the right position. Braces is the tool that captures the current look and state of teeth depending on the nature then move the bone and change the shape to the right position.

old school bracesThe braces are designed with different components that make them work effectively. The brackets are made to directly bond with the teeth and acts as the handle of the wire that captures the teeth. Between the teeth, there exist a spacers that are made before placement of bands. It also has elastic rubber that has a hook attached to the lower teeth depending on the position of the teeth.

The upper molars are moved back to the correct position that will help create room to help correct the crowded teeth by using facebow headgear. Once the dental procedure is set, the steps to correct the alignment of the teeth is taken gently to ensure all the teeth are in best position.

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